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The term “What a Bettie!” has long been used to describe a beautiful woman, but we Bettie fans know that her appeal extends far beyond her gorgeous face and figure. She was a true Renaissance woman who was extremely intelligent, kind, strong, creative, resilient, brave, resourceful, ambitious, innovative, funny and playful, and on and on and on and ON!

In the Little Book of Bettie: Taking a Page from the Queen of Pinups, it was important for me to capture her multifaceted magic and to feature lots of modern Betties who share many of those same traits. To continue to honor that part of her legacy, I’m kicking off a new section on bettiepagefitness.com called “What a Bettie!” Each month (to start) I will highlight a Bettie Babe who exemplifies all these amazing gifts Bettie brought to our world. In addition to being featured on the site, those selected will win some Bettie goodies, and each quarter or so, all the chosen Betties will be featured on the blog at bettiepage.com.

If you want to nominate your favorite Bettie for a feature, email me at info@bettiepagefitness.com and describe in 200-300 words what makes this babe such a Bettie, and include at least one photo. (Again, it’s not about looking like Bettie but embodying the wonderful traits that made Bettie so amazing.) If your Bettie Babe is selected for a feature, I will contact you for more details. 

With lots of love,