Don't Worry About Finding Balance. Just Seek It.

~by Tori Rodriguez, creator of Bettie Page Fitness~

Yoga, like life in general, offers countless opportunities to learn the true nature of balance: that it’s a process, not an outcome.


“Don’t worry about finding balance. Just seek it.” 

This seemingly small shift in perspective can change your whole relationship with the concept of balance and your pursuit of it. It’s empowering because you always have control over whether you seek, but you can’t control whether you find. Seeking may get you there (though even once you’re there, it’s still a temporary stopping place), but you can’t be sure of it. On the other hand, you can seek any time you want. 

Whether on the mat or out in the world, balance is in the striving, reaching, wobbling and yes–even falling. It’s in the losing it and getting it back. What you have a choice about in that process is to keep trying–seeking–and about how to respond when you wobble or fall. Do you thrash about and curse and berate yourself or the world (which inevitably makes it harder to regain balance), or do you gracefully and gently acknowledge the wobbling or falling, and then calmly resume position (okay, even if after a bit of thrashing and cursing)? 

Play with this idea both on the mat and off. Notice what happens when you approach balance as a seeker rather than a finder, when you embrace it as a process rather than an outcome. You may never find balance, but you can always make a choice to seek it. And in the seeking, you’re doing all you need to do.