Jungle Bettie's Fitness Adventures!

Some of my all-time favorite Bettie pics are the Bunny Yeager shots in that infamous one-piece leopard creation that our ever-resourceful queen made herself. These were shot in Florida at Africa USA in Boca Raton and on the beach at Key Biscayne. Bettie’s awe-inspiring fitness and flexibility are on full display as she climbs, hangs, crawls, and does some impossible balance maneuvers near a waterfall (even on wet rocks!), including an advanced yoga toe-stand looking move and a reverse tabletop pose – on her toes, of course – with a leg extension. So yeah, our queen was basically superhuman. Check her out!

blythe savage jungle bettie.jpg
jungle bettie more.jpg
jungle bettie fit crawl.jpg
jungle bettie fit toestand double.jpg
bettie fit balance toestand yoga jungle.jpg
bettie fit leg ext balance jungle - crop branded.jpg
bettie fit hanging out jungle.jpg
bettie tree jungle.jpg
jungle bettie rare.jpg
jungle bettie fit tree.jpg
clearer bettie fit tree.jpg