Body-Positive Mother's Day Gift Guide

Treat your mom to some self-care goodies that will make her body feel great — and make her feel great about her body!

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Bettie Page Fitness has a bounty of Bettie-inspired, body-positive gifts for your mama! (Order at no later than Tuesday, May 7th to receive US orders in time for the big day.) But we didn’t stop there – we also rounded up a bunch of other feel-good items that were designed with body-positivity or self-care in mind – or both! Check ‘em all out below; click the product name to link to the product or company site.

Bettie Page Fitness: Total Body Strength & Cardio (digital and DVD on sale for $15-20 at ~ This was the first-ever body-positive video on the market, inspired by Bettie poses (shown throughout the video), with motivational gems and modifications throughout to make it easier or harder. This 45-minute session is truly a total body workout that includes strength moves (just a pair of 5-12 pound dumbbells are needed), cardio bursts, abs/core work, and yummy stretches at the end. You won’t find any “burn off those brownies” or “fit into your skinny jeans” nonsense here – just a fun, unique, challenging workout that aims to improve your fitness level and body image at the same time.

Bettie Page Fitness DVDs; photo by Pearl Davies

Bettie Page Fitness DVDs; photo by Pearl Davies

Bettie Page Yoga (digital and DVD on sale for $15-20 at ~ Bend it like Bettie with the, uh, second-ever body-positive fitness video. (Yes, we’re proud bopo pioneers, happy to forge this path for all who are done being made to feel like shit while trying to be healthy!) Each move is based on Bettie poses that were inspired by yoga moves, so we’ve brought it full circle and now here we are. 😉 In this one, Tori encourages viewers to pick certain Bettie traits they’d like to cultivate as they move through this complete 40-minute yoga flow.

The Little Book of Bettie: Taking a Page from the Queen of Pinups (on sale for $14.45 at, autographed by author; also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers) ~ Don’t let the cute size fool you — this Bettie-inspired pinup lifestyle guide is packed full of retro goodness. The celebrated Queen of Pinups styled her own iconic hair, did her own makeup, fashioned her own swimsuits, and was ahead of her time in endless ways, making her a source of inspiration to stars like Madonna, Beyoncé, and Katy Perry. Against the backdrop of the conservative 1950s, Bettie Page was an advocate of pleasure, fun, liberation, and body-positivity. There's so much to be learned from her! Within The Little Book of Bettie you'll find:

·        Bettie's remarkable backstory

·        Retro fashion and styling tips

·        Vintage hair and makeup lessons

·        Bettie-inspired fitness routines

·        DIY pinup accessory how-tos

·        Advice from "Bettie Babes" like Dita Von Teese, modern-day pinups and entertainers, and everyday women who love Bettie! 

Filled with both color and black-and-white images, The Little Book of Bettie is a beautifully gifty, celebratory look at the groundbreaking style of one of the greatest icons of pop culture.

The Little Book of Bettie: Taking a Page from the Queen of Pinups; photos by @miss.vintage.orchid

The Little Book of Bettie: Taking a Page from the Queen of Pinups; photos by @miss.vintage.orchid

Bettie Page yoga mats (on sale for $74 at, or save more with a Bettie Bundle) ~ Body-positive fitness is all about the joy of movement and keeping things fresh. As Tori says, “Don’t bore your body!” What better way to ramp up the fun factor with a yoga mat featuring a life-sized Bettie photo? Available in a range of exclusive designs. Mom will have the coolest yoga mat in class! These also make great wall art (hang with Scotch Command strips for damage-free hanging) and outdoor seating at the park.

If you want to amp up the bopo Bettie bliss for mama, snag one of the Bettie bundles — the big one comes with a yoga mat of your choice, BOTH workout videos, and the Little Book of Bettie (on sale for $99.00). The small bundle comes with both vids and the book (on sale for $38.25).

The big Bettie Bundle includes a Bettie yoga mat, both fitness videos & The Look Book of Bettie

The big Bettie Bundle includes a Bettie yoga mat, both fitness videos & The Look Book of Bettie

Scentered wellness products. As an integrative psychotherapist and Ayurvedic wellness coach, I’m all about the wonders of essential oils, which I’ve written about for Women’s Health Magazine and I was thrilled when this brand reached out to me and sent me samples of three of their gorgeous products, which are all natural and never tested on animals. The candle and balm gift sets are divine, but my current fave is the survival kit because I can keep them with me in the cute little travel bag and use whichever balm the situation calls for. The info below is slightly modified from the company’s product descriptions. 

~Ultimate Survival Kit ($80 at -- The perfect gift for those that deserve a little of everything,  this kit contains one of each of the fab five Scentered essential-oil based therapy balms; De-Stress, Sleep Well, Love, Escape and memory boosting Focus with a neat zip up and go travel bag. These therapy balms are a 100% natural blend of essential oils with moringa and shea butter, with a non-greasy, nourishing formula – non-spill, totally portable. A gift to help your nearest and dearest stay centered, whatever life throws at them, enabling them to do their best at work and at play.

scentered balms double.png

~I Want to Sleep Well gift set ($49 at -- The perfect start to your bedtime ritual whether you are at home or away. Containing a travel candle and full-sized therapy balm, the calming floral blend harnesses the therapeutic benefits of lavender, chamomile, and ho wood to help you drift into a restful and restorative sleep.

scentered i want to sleep well both.png

~I Want to De-Stress gift set ($49 at -- Take comfort when dealing with the demands of modern life. Containing a travel candle and full-sized therapy balm, reach for your De-stress, whether it's a hard day at work or family or personal challenges, our soothing blend with herbal notes of calming chamomile, neroli, and cedarwood will help you keep it all in balance.

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Bettie Page Wines ($25 at, or save with a Bettie Page Wine Club membership) ~ Because antioxidants — duh! Wine (especially the red kind) is chock-full of these health-boosting compounds that researchers have linked wine with a range of benefits, including lower risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. All wrapped in beautiful Bettie labels with new designs released regularly – an extra cheers to that! Oh — but moderation is key, of course. (Sorry. Livers are important too.)

Bettie Page Wines gift set

Bettie Page Wines gift set

Bettie Page Clothing and Bettie Page Lingerie ( ~ Grab a gift card from so mom can get decked out in gorgeous pinup-style clothing and lingerie that comes in a wide range of sizes. She can use the gift card at or in person at the Bettie Page Store in Burbank, CA. This description from sums it all up:

Combining sex appeal with quirky charm, we at Bettie Page pay homage to the late pinup star by letting the influence of Bettie guide all of our designs. As modern Betties, we are playful and sweet, yet refined and sexy. We resonate with the duality of being both sides of a coin at the same time, just as Bettie did. We embody the strength, progressivism and independence that she personified, to show the world that modern Betties are not just pretty faces. We are here to boldly stand for who we truly are and being our most authentic selves.


Bettie Page Store gals wearing the Liz Dress

Bettie Page Store gals wearing the Liz Dress

Teaney ($17 for 5 oz, $33 for 10 oz at; free shipping with code FREESHIPPING) ~ A special cup of soothing goodness fit for a queen – like your mother! Packed with healing, yummy herbs and a scent to die for, this heavenly concoction makes for the perfect little daily ritual to sip on some self-care.

All 3 blends are sublime, but the one that feeds my soul the most is the Turmeric Golden Milk with Ashwagandha Latte Elixir (made with raw honey, organic coconut, turmeric, ashwagandha, passionflower and extracts of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamon and ginger… and lots of love from my wonderful Ayurveda teacher Anna Russ).

Product details: Wind down with this warming elixir that utilizes the famous Ayurvedic herb ashwagandha and passionflower with warming chai spices. Wonderful anytime you need to press pause. No blender, no filter, no steep time required! Just add warm milk or water, stir and enjoy an instant AHHHHH!

Teaney also offers these delicious blends: Cacao Lavender with Reishi + Valerian Root Latte Elixir and Matcha Mint Rhodiola Latte Elixir

Left: the 3 Teaney blends; Right: a cup of heaven AKA the Turmeric Golden Milk Ashwagandha blend

Left: the 3 Teaney blends; Right: a cup of heaven AKA the Turmeric Golden Milk Ashwagandha blend

Superfit Hero (prices vary; – free shipping in US for orders over $75) ~ Noting that fitness is for every body, this line is “designed for ultimate confidence no matter your sport or your size.” Each item is “tested and approved by athletes size XS-5XL, making Superfit Hero the most inclusive premium activewear brand on the planet.” Ethically made in Los Angeles. While you’re visiting their site, be sure to check out their directory of body-positive fitness professionals!

SuperCool Pocket Leggings — Magenta Stripe Print from Superfit Hero

SuperCool Pocket Leggings — Magenta Stripe Print from Superfit Hero

Anti-Diet Books. Help mom give diet culture the finger with any or all of these body-positive, anti-diet books that encourage readers to honor their bodies’ signals, heal their relationship with food, and focus on health from a place of self-love versus self-punishment. P.S. — Diets don’t work. (Links to purchase are listed below the pic in order shown.)

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