Full Moons With Bettie & June!

Stellar shots and self-growth inspired by the full Harvest Moon

bettie and june - moon couch.jpg

June King was a fellow Irving Klaw model who appeared in that infamous cat-fight video and several photos with our Queen. Bettie called June her “idol among models” (what an honor from the ultimate supermodel!) and considered her a personal friend – one of the very rare female friendships Bettie had in her lifetime. I adore the photos from this shoot they did together, and the moon couch is such a cute touch for their full-moon flashing.

bettie and june moon couch.jpg

Speaking of full moons, tonight we’ll get to see the full Harvest Moon – which, unlike Bettie’s and June’s, will be what’s known as a “micromoon.” AND it won’ t fall on a Friday the 13th again until 2049 – lucky us! Be sure to check it out a little after midnight (12:33am to be exact) for best views, says Science. 😉

In addition to cheeky puns, the Harvest Moon offers the perfect opportunity for inward reflection as we prepare to transition into the new season. Sit under the moon tonight for a few minutes and try the simple reflection and imagery exercise below.

bettie and june hair - moon couch.jpg

What seeds have you sown this summer – what did you learn, accomplish, or discover about yourself that you want to continue to cultivate? What no longer serves your growth and needs to be pruned or left behind? Say a few words of gratitude for whatever gifts this summer brought to you.

Next, notice the moon’s clarity, brilliance, fullness and beauty, and know that those qualities are yours to claim. Take a good look and a big deep breath in, then close your eyes and breathe out as you imagine those qualities washing over you. Do this one by one for each of these and any other traits you notice about the moon that you wish to internalize.

Happy harvesting!!


bettie and june butt - moon couch.jpg