Column Kickoff: Meet the First “What a Bettie!” Babes!

This column will regularly highlight Bettie Babes who exemplify the many amazing traits that our queen embodied.

See bottom of page for details on how to nominate your favorite Bettie for a feature and prizes.

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Liza and Haley are best friends from North Carolina who won the What a Bettie! kickoff contest on the bettie_page_fitness Instagram page. In addition to the goodies that all featured Betties receive, including both Bettie Page Fitness videos and a copy of The Little Book of Bettie: Taking a Page from the Queen of Pinups, they get to be the first gals featured in the column. Let’s learn more about these Bettie Babe besties!

Bettie Page Fitness: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live? What do you do for work and fun?

Liza: I’m a Charlotte native. Beauty is my passion, and I get to live it every day by being a full-time hairstylist and part-time bridal artist. When I’m not busy at work I enjoy spending time with my family, dancing, and cooking! 

Liza is such a Bettie! ♥

Liza is such a Bettie! ♥

Haley: I live In Concord, North Carolina, and right now I work in a small office selling welding material. I am also an aspiring farmer and small business owner, and I collect vintage clothing and knick-knacks to sell in my little shop online. For fun I like to explore new places, tend to my plants, go thrifting, crochet and knit, and lounge around with my husband. Lately I’ve been trying my hand at sewing and baking, I love to try different things and learn new skills all the time!

BPF: When and how did you first learn about Bettie?  

Liza: I first discovered Bettie Page probably around the age of 16. I’ve loved old films from an early age, which sparked my interest in vintage glamour – I wanted to acquire that timeless elegance. My first time seeing pinup models and pinup artwork, I was hooked. I loved everything about it. 

Haley: I learned about Bettie on my own when I was in high school. Around the age of 16 is when I started falling in love with vintage and pinup. I loved Bettie’s look and used one of her pictures for an art project. I always knew who she was, but I never really knew much about her beyond her photos until I read the Little Book of Bettie: Taking a Page from the Queen of Pinups, and it really opened my eyes to what an amazing person and role model she is. I can now say I’m a true Bettie Page fan after reading the book!

…and so is her best friend Haley! ♥

…and so is her best friend Haley! ♥

BPF: What are some of the things you most love and admire about her?    

Liza: What I love most about Bettie Page is her bravery to go against the status quo. She was revolutionary and pushed the boundaries, opening a whole new world to women’s sexuality and the types of roles women could play in society. She remains an icon for the way she continues to inspire women to pursue their hobbies and dreams even if they’re outside the norm! Side note: Bettie and I also share an interest in sewing and creating our own unique fashions. 

Haley: Her strength, her ability to keep a positive outlook, and the fact that she never strayed from who she was to try to fit the norm of others. 

BPF: In what ways does Bettie inspire or influence you overall or in your daily life? 

Liza: Bettie Page not only inspires me in my fashion choices with her eccentric style and undeniable beauty, but her fearlessness to be exactly who she is. It’s so refreshing! She reminds me to not lose track of who I am and what I can do!

Haley: Bettie inspires me every day to love who I am and be confident in myself, and to remember that we are all beautiful and special in our own ways. Since learning more about her, she has really pushed me to come out of my shell more and just be the free-spirited person I am inside! She has easily become one of my top role models in life.


Nominate Your Favorite Bettie for a Feature!

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The term “What a Bettie!” has long been used to describe a beautiful woman, but we Bettie fans know that her appeal extends far beyond her gorgeous face and figure. She was a true Renaissance woman who was extremely intelligent, kind, strong, creative, resilient, brave, resourceful, ambitious, innovative, funny and playful, and on and on and on and ON!

In the Little Book of Bettie: Taking a Page from the Queen of Pinups, it was important for me to capture her multifaceted magic and to feature lots of modern Betties who share many of those same traits. To continue to honor that part of her legacy, I’m kicking off a new section on called “What a Bettie!” Each month (to start) I will highlight a Bettie Babe who exemplifies all these amazing gifts Bettie brought to our world. In addition to being featured on the site, those selected will win some Bettie goodies, and each quarter or so, all the chosen Betties will be featured on the blog at

If you want to nominate your favorite Bettie for a feature, email me at and describe in 200-300 words what makes this babe such a Bettie, and include at least one photo. (Again, it’s not about looking like Bettie but embodying the wonderful traits that made Bettie so amazing.) If your Bettie Babe is selected for a feature, I will contact you for more details. 

With lots of love,