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Body-positive fitness videos inspired by the Queen of Pinups!


Bettie Page

The central focus of Bettie Page Fitness is a series of body-positive workout videos inspired by the Queen of Pinups, and designed and led by mind-body health expert Tori Rodriguez. When Tori began to notice that many of Bettie’s modeling poses resemble exercise moves, she got the idea to create workouts based on Bettie’s poses and informed by her incredible strength, balance and posture. It’s obvious that Bettie appreciated her body and enjoyed moving it, and Bettie Page Fitness aims to help viewers tap Bettie’s inner and outer strength as motivation to enhance those qualities in themselves.

The workouts are inspired by Bettie’s spirit and physique–not for purpose of looking like her, but for embodying her strength, joy, beauty and confidence. Bettie clearly had a beautiful body, but beyond that, she was extremely fit and healthy (she was known to work out regularly), with what fitness lovers know to be the all-important strong core, which has been proven to be essential to good health and safe exercising. The Bettie Page Fitness workouts emphasize her excellent posture–of which there are numerous mental and physical health benefits. You can see in Bettie’s photos that she’s always lifted, energetic, strong and centered– and those qualities aren’t limited to specific poses or body types.

The Bettie Page Fitness workouts are infused with those elements, in addition to incorporating many of her actual poses and translating them to exercise moves. To maintain the body positivity vibe that Bettie represents to fans, and that is important to Tori as a health expert and activist, the workouts emphasize those qualities over appearance. For example, rather than going for a “tiny waist,” which just isn’t possible for many body types, the focus is on the health benefits of overall physical fitness, good posture and core control. Along these lines, Tori offers valuable mind-body tips that viewers can carry into the rest of their lives.

The first DVD in the series, Bettie Page Fitness: Total Body Strength & Cardio, is the first body-positive fitness video ever released! It debuted in the summer of 2015. The second DVD, Bettie Page Yoga, was released in December 2016. Both are available for purchase by clicking the button below! 


Photographic Memories by Wayne Ackerson  |  Hair & makeup by Kellyn Willey of The Parisian Bubble

Photographic Memories by Wayne Ackerson  |  Hair & makeup by Kellyn Willey of The Parisian Bubble

About Tori: Tori Rodriguez is a licensed psychotherapist, certified Ayurvedic Health Coach, and fitness expert who specializes in mind-body techniques, including the approach she created called the Embodimental Method™. She is also a journalist who has covered a wide range of topics for magazines like Women's Health, Real Simple, SELF, Fitness, Prevention, Scientific American Mind and numerous other print and online publications. Additionally, she is a singer-songwriter, feminist activist, and the official blogger and social media manager for BettiePage.com and related sites.

Tori recently added "Author" to her titles! She is writing two very different books about Bettie Page, to be published in the spring and fall of 2018 by Running Press and Rowman & Littlefield, respectively.